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For A Successful Event Make An Early Reservation

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Reservations are required for all Photo and/or Filming sessions.
You must phone ahead and make a reservation.
Those without reservations will not be permitted to film / shoot. 
We will glady schedule a reservation for you, and you may return at your scheduled time.
Professional Photography.
$50.00 sitting fee (per photographer, per session, per model).
Ghost Town hosts a variety of Photography and Film events.
Professional, Series, Short and Full Length Features, Student, and Family.
Photography and/or Vidoegraphy Business Teaching Seminars.
School, including College Course Classes.
Student Thesis.
Music Videos, Movies, and/or CD cover photos.
Film Festival Entries.
Full and Short Feature Films.
And many others.

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J. Lorraine, TX. Ghost Town
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For A Successful Event Make An Early Reservations