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= 2023 =

Songwriters, Singers, Performing, Visual Arts, Artists,

Drama, Musicians, Screen Play, Commercials,

Photographers, Film and Video Producers, Promoters.


Looking For A Stage or Site To Perform Your Craft or Art?


J. Lorraine, TX. Ghost Town, Stage, and Large Screen Are Available For Use. 



Looking to get public exposure?

Want to get stage time?  Public practice?

Looking for a great site to have your concert?

Make a music video?

Have your event or gig here.

New and established artists welcome.



 If you would like to perform at, or screen your event at,

J. Lorraine, TX. Ghost Town give us a call.


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J. Lorraine, TX. Ghost Town

For Reservations and Information

For A Successful Event Make An Early Reservation